According to my research, the Quick Extender Pro is among the top-rated penis lengthening tools due to its few side effects and effective results. In addition to lengthening the size, it can also straighten the erections, which

can alleviate the pain of Peyronie’s syndrome patients with curved erections.
The technology of penis extenders has advanced significantly since I first heard of them. There is substantial evidence that a penis extender device can increase penile length and diameter, even the circumference or diameter of the erection.

Exactly how does it work?

What amazes most people about this product is how well it works. You wear it on your penis and it works well. The goal is to build muscles, which will lead to the growth of the penis. A consistent muscle stretching regimen is essential.

It helps to improve blood circulation by ensuring that penis muscles are stretched regularly. The benefit of this is that the user does not need to wear it all day long because improved blood flow ensures sufficient supply of nutrients to the penis.

Besides creating microtears that are invisible to the naked eye, stretching also helps to create micro-abrasions. During healing, the micro-tears enlarge the penis. Raw materials are transported from nearby cells to be used to repair them. By improving blood flow and tissue connectivity, performance is enhanced.

In the end, healing takes place. Cytokineses and mitosis aid in this process. By using these two processes, cells are able to divide, and their growth increases the size of the penis.

Researchers have shown that repetitions 10 hours a day for three weeks plus nine hours a day for one month are sufficient to increase penis growth. A comparison of the enlarged penis after lengthening therapy was conducted. In both flaccid and stretched sizes, subjects reported a gain in centimeters.

A penis grows in three stages, according to the traction theory:

  1. There are pieces of the device at the base and at the base of the head. Prior to removing the stretch, it is left on for certain hours during the day.
  2. The penis shaft is prone to micro tears.
  3. This involves the dividing and filling in new penis cells in order to adapt to these changes. Similar to gym training, traction changes the penis as well.

Increasing blood flow to the penis causes stronger erections as it is stretched. A penis that has healed from tears grows longer. Among all scientifically valid methods of lengthening the penis without surgery, only traction can achieve the desired result. Mitosis and cytokinesis will work, but that doesn’t mean they’re simple or risk-free.

What exactly is Quick Extender Pro And What Does It Do?

Penis extenders like this are incredibly effective. Users have been using them for many years. Since its inception, it’s been improved to ensure the highest quality results.

Herbal supplements and pills were replaced with this product. It is more convenient to take prescription drugs as opposed to herbal supplements. The use of herbal remedies and pills was linked to adverse side effects for many people. 

The mechanics of Quick Extender Pro and how it works:

What Quick Extender Pro can do

Following are some of the system’s best features. You will find that the product is designed with exceptional performance, safety, and flexibility.

  • Using a double strap system

With a double strap system, the Extender Pro Quick is both practical and safe. Even while exercising, walking, and bending over we can always walk around comfortably with the Double Strap. It has a number of advantages for the user, including being mobile, not having to worry about slipping in and out, and no painful tension builds up.

Lightweight materials made from medical-grade aluminum contribute to the device’s durability. Using any of the parts against your skin is completely safe because all parts are hypoallergenic.
Even the maximum tension could be increased to 4000 grams due to the superior design, for faster results.

  • Refund policy

You can try new models for six months without risking your money. In addition to offering a lifetime warranty on defective parts, the company also offers a lifetime repair service.

  • Various options

In terms of performance quality and price, there are different models and packages of the Quick Extender Pro.

Featuring a medium price and a travel pouch, the budget model also includes an extender. A test report claimed the device reportedly increased the penis’ size from three inches to seven inches when subjected to traction of 3000 grams.

  • The Deluxe Standard Edition

This version includes additional comfort pads and silicone tubes because it is more expensive. There is also an optional herbal supplement called Rizer XL that will make erections worse. Traction forces also go as high as 3500 grams.

  • The Deluxe Limited Edition

In exchange for its high price, the highest-end model includes more supplies, such as a bigger volume of Rizer XL, traction of 4000 grams, spare parts, and pads that are lined with memory foam for greater comfort. In addition, the device comes with a booster pump hat (used to increase erections temporarily) as well as a DVD set that explains how the device works.

  • Curvature Correction Editing

The models also have curved penis surfaces to facilitate treatment for the diseases caused by Peyronie’s disease. It is distinctly different from the lengthening edition.

The results of using Quick Extender Pro


Every person has different results, based on their body, their schedule, and their reaction to treatment. Nevertheless, each user always receives a unique result.
During the first week, I did not notice any improvement in my erection strength, but by week two it had significantly increased. As a rookie, I experienced intense full-blooded erections which most guys don’t get without a lot of hard work; they were the kinds of erections I had on my first date when she went all out.

What kind of deal were we discussing?

Two months after the treatment, I noticed a tiny growth. Honestly, there was nothing special about that party (and who would write about that stuff? My ex?).

Quick extender routine
It was only after six months that the best long-term results were achieved. The company offers a money back guarantee for six months, which is exactly why you should take them up on their offer.
It is recommended that both gains in length and width be comparable. To have an enormously long and thick penis is just not realistic or healthy. Keeping things moving at a practical pace by obeying the program, as advised, will help keep things organized. You can check a good long term review here.


  • The comfort model offers comfort with two straps and memory foam
  • Added support with medical-grade materials
  • Six-month money back guarantee
  • Fair price compared to average sex toys
  • Extra grip compared to the competition
  • 24/7 phone support, not just e-mail assistance
  • assistance
  • support Fast shipping, discreet packaging, and discreet packaging


  • In the beginning, keep things comfortable and work your way up, as there is a small risk of penis bruising if you use too much traction weight.


The Quick Extender Pro seems to be the only stretcher available today that offers both real gains and also protects your penis while doing so.
I have found that this works if you’re patient and stay with it. This has been proven in clinical studies, and you will find anecdotes everywhere about people reporting success.

This is one of the best products on the market if you want to enlarge your penis size in a safe and realistic way.